Swimming Pool Inspection Fees

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How much is a swimming pool inspection?

How much would you say you spend a month on Gourmet Coffee at Starbucks? $50? Okay, so you don’t drink coffee, then how much would you say you spent on those new jeans? $250? So calling around for a swimming pool inspection wouldn’t you expect the price to reflect the importance of such a task?  I mean, a swimming pool isn’t a pair of jeans or a coffee, but then again, swimming pools costs easily creep into the many thousands of dollars. Therefore, swimming pool inspection fees should reflect the importance of the job.

Swimming Pool Inspection Fees in Los Angeles

If you think the limited inspection performed for $50 by your certified home inspector is sufficient, you may want to think again. Unfortunately in California there are currently zero standards or licenses to work as an inspector. This means, even you… can become a working inspector as soon as tomorrow.  The individuals working as inspectors who are true professionals also charge accordingly. Furthermore, inspectors who are true professionals almost never discount their Swimming Pool Inspection Fees.

One of the most important things to remember about hiring a true professional is that the inspection fees will also reflect the around of time spent on the project. Additionally, the more swimming pools the inspector has inspected, built, repaired or serviced thus the more qualified the inspector will therefore become.

Many of the home inspectors who also inspect swimming pools may only charge small Swimming Pool Inspection Fees, which are usually tacked on to the entire home inspection fee. This fee varies on, well, how much time they will spend at the house as well as on the report. Just make sure the inspector you choose spends no less than an hour inspecting your pool because that’s usually what it will take, even on a smaller swimming pool.


Can anyone can perform this inspection?

California does not require anyone who performs either a home inspection or a specialized swimming pool inspection to possess any formal training or certification or licensing for that matter. Which is to say that ANYONE can perform a home inspection or a swimming pool inspection and go virtually unchecked. Mazza inspection group and mazza swimming pool inspectors are licensed by the state of California as contractors which for you, means our experience is verifiable.

Swimming Pool Inspection Fees Cut

As previously mentioned, many home inspectors will add on a small nominal fee to your home inspection fee. These fees are absolutely not representative of how much time they will spend nor will it reflect the quality of their inspection.

See what people are saying about Mazza inspections...

Jordan G.

5 Things You Need To Know About Mazza Inspections
I had my home inspection done by Marc Mazza in July '15. He was able to fit us in with very little notice and made an experience that could have been tedious and nerve-wracking, relaxed and insightful. We were in-fact so relaxed and enjoying ourselves so much that we almost missed our flight. Whether you are buying your first home, your tenth or you just need to find out what kinds of repairs you need to do on your current home, here are five things (one for every star) that might help make your decision to choose Mazza Inspections a little easier.
1. All the reviews are accurate. I read almost every review and given my experience, they are totally accurate and a solid representation of what you should experience working with Mazza Inspections.
2. Bring the questions. Any question you have they will answer and if they don't have the answer they will get the answer. But really there wasn't a question I had that they didn't have the answer to.
3. Don't worry if you can't be there.  Look, it's always best to be there during your home inspection, but sometimes that just isn't possible. If that's the case you should have complete confidence in the Mazza team not to miss any issue your house may have.  With that said, I was there and there was nothing that I saw that Marc wasn't already aware of, and in the end he revealed more issues than I could have even thought to look for.
4. Have more questions after your inspection is done? Me too, and it was amazing. Marc got on the phone with me and it was like we were back at the house. Between the pictures he had and the videos (yes, he can provide you with video of any issue if that helps illustrate the problem) all the questions I had were cleared up and fast.
5. Certifications, certifications, certifications. It amazed me how many home inspectors didn't have their contractors license. Marc has that and more. And all his guys have at least the contractors license but are in various stages of building a portfolio of certifications that give them a level of professional excellence unmatched by any other inspection company in the Los Angeles, San Fernando/Santa Clarita area.
I know how much I count on reviews to help me decide everything from where I should send my kids to daycare, to which tacoria is best and I am rarely moved to write them. So let the simple fact that I took the time to share my excellent experience let you know that Mazza Inspection Group deserves your business. I hope this review was helpful. I feel truly blessed that we had Marc come out and make sure our house was in good condition and I know in my heart that you will feel the same way.

Bailey Sexton

Highly recommend!!!!! My husband and I are in the process of buying our first home. We are so nervous and wanted a top notch inspector. We wanted to know exactly what we would be getting ourselves into with our new home. We heard horror stories of inspectors not doing their job.. and being lazy, not moving things!! but Believe me Marc was so thorough and honest. He really got in there. He saw we were so sad to hear some of the things wrong with the house.. but he was able to give us alternatives to give us an opportuntiy to save money in order to fix it if we still were to move forward with our purchase. he spent so much time even outside of the inspection helping us understand everything!! I am so happy we chose him.

Andrew K.

Where do I start!? IF YOU NEED AN INSPECTOR LOOK NO FURTHER Marc is amazing in his work and has a great personality he's very professional knowledgeable and very thorough he is all that you would want from and inspector and more I will be recommending him to anyone and everyone I know he is the best inspector out there he will answer any questions or concerns you have and he's so nice caring and really a genuine great man that really is looking out for people I will never use any other inspector Marc is just wonderful and he provides the best service for a affordable rate so don't hesitate to call him! THANK YOU MARC!!!!

Juan Hernandez

Mazza Inspection did a great job at our property. Very thorough. You will pay a little bit more then a regular inspector but it is well worth it. Recommend to anyone.

Heather K.

I have been recommending Mazza Inspections for over 7 years and Marc Mazza never fails to provide the most knowledgeable information and best service to my clients.  When I represent buyers on a home purchase and they ask for a recommendation, I never hesitate to offer Mazza Inspections as a top professional in the business. Marc is amazing, he goes above and beyond for buyers.  He is more than just a "certified," home inspector, Marc is a Licensed General Contractor who provides buyers with a detail inspection and itemized report, as well as the information they need to make important decisions about their new home.  Marc offers advice about repairs without making a big deal about small things.  At the same time, Marc is there to protect the buyers and will not hesitate to explain, and show, them when a home has a repair that will require substantial money and time. Mazza Inspections provides buyers with everything they need when inspecting a home: whole home inspections, sewer inspections, infrared thermography, fireplace/chimney inspections, and pool inspections. Marc and Michelle Mazza are wonderful to work with, they provide excellent service with great follow-up and they are always available after the inspection is completed. Both my clients and I highly recommend them.

Jacob Sexton

Marc is easily the best home inspector in the area. He is a true professional that can easily explain any situation about your house. Within the first five minutes of meeting Marc, I could tell how passionate and knowledgeable he was about his work. He not only is an expert at home inspections but someone you can fully trust. He truly approaches the task like he was buying the house for himself. Marc takes his time and is not the type of inspector that tries to get in and out quickly. I had Marc come out and inspect a house in Santa Clarita. We talked on the phone beforehand, and it was obvious he knew his craft. In fact, he could name off facts about the house, the foundation, and potential fixes that needed to occur before even showing up. I have a history of renovating homes and doing construction work, but Marc was way ahead of me. Marc found things with the house that I would have never noticed. If you want to spend your money wisely then call Mazza Inspections. After the house was inspected Marc sent me the report within no time. The report was super detailed and easy for anyone to understand. Everything wrong with the house was explained plus added detail to possible hazards/threats. I know people who go looking for inspectors that sugarcoat everything and tell you what you want to hear. Basically, those home inspectors are a waste of money. Marc is straight up with you and gives you a time limit to all the issues he finds. Buying a house is stressful! Not knowing what is wrong with your house is more stressful. I am 100% sure Marc found every problem within the house. Now I am confident that I can take on these projects without the fear that there will always be something missing that I did not know about.