Residential Swimming Pool Inspections

Residential Swimming Pool Inspections Los Angeles County

Residential pool inspections can be done for multiple reasons. Most commonly, however, these inspections are part of the purchase or sale of a home. With these inspections, our role is that of a third unbiased party to help expose issues latent or obvious. We further help sellers with pre-sale repairs or buyers to make an informed buying decision. The residential swimming pool inspections will adhere to an entirely different set of standards then that of the commercial swimming pool. However, we inspect both types.

MAZZA pool inspections know that Residential Swimming Pool Inspections codes change

Residential pool inspections have been in use for decades within the Los Angeles county. As swimming pool technology changes, so do the codes. These are the standards in which the pool in constructed to meet as well as the equipment used to circulate and sanitize the swimming pool.

Home inspectors perform only cursory residential swimming pool inspections

For many home inspectors, keeping up with the changing standards is a job in and of itself.  As a result, most home inspectors only perform a cursory inspection of the pool system for a nominal fee, and not a thorough analysis including costs of damage or improvement analysis. Furthermore, you will find that most home inspectors will spend a limited amount of time on the pools system. MAZZA swimming pool inspections on-the-other-hand, spends as much time as necessary no matter what size the swimming pool is or how long the inspection takes. Our only job is to ensure that our client, the home buyer is safe. Our inspections focus on Safety. In other words, we help those who may be entering the pool area to stay safe from hazards as well as within the pool body.

How much is a residential swimming pool inspection in Los Angeles?

The Mazza inspection group performs professional swimming pool inspections which are both thorough and comprehensive. The time we put into each inspection is over an hour to an hour and a half. The fee for our inspection starts at $295, however, this fee can increase for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons may include the following;

  • Multiple swimming pool pumps
  • Additional filters
  • Larger swimming pools
  • Detached below ground spas
  • Additional heaters
  • Commercial swimming pool systems
  • Multiple water features
  • etc….

Our residential swimming pool inspections provide narrative style reports which are accompanied by an estimated cost of repair. the costs associated with the prescribed repairs are accurate within Los Angeles.