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Mazza Swimming Pool Inspection Company is one of the only swimming pool inspection companies in Los Angeles. We’ve performed literally thousands of swimming pool inspections of all types throughout Los Angeles and surrounding cities. Although our clientele include pool builders, home owners and even other home inspectors. The majority of the inspections we perform, are for home buyers.

Leak Detection

Leak detection is an essential component in the second phase of swimming pool inspection. In most cases, swimming pool leak detection is necessary when the pool or spa is obviously damaged or, there is water loss at a rate higher than what typical evaporation would support. In general, however, many people simply choose to have their swimming pool tested for piece of mind.

65% of all swimming pools leak within their first 20 years.Darren Merlob-Leaktronics

We use only the best equipment on the market…

swimming pool leak detection Los Angeles

Swimming Pool Inspections In Los Angeles

For many, the swimming pool inspection is a thorough examination of the swimming pool body, decking, equipment and associated safety of the pool location, SB-442 guidelines and accessibility thereof. One of the main reasons for a pool inspection is to better determine the current condition as well as any near future repairs associated with the pool. That’s why having a contractor perform this inspection as opposed to your home inspector is a good idea. Having a swimming pool on your property is a tremendous liability as well as very safety concern for you and your family. Many swimming pool inspections are performed in conjunction with the purchase of a home or business. Swimming pool inspections much like any other part of the home buyers due diligence process, especially here in Los Angeles, are an important part of protecting the home buyer.

Swimming Pool Inspections

Los Angeles swimming pool inspections

Just the FAQs

Inspections Are Not Required

First thing to remember when it comes to all inspections whether its home, chimney, roof or pool, they are all voluntary. In other words, they are not necessary to complete the transaction and take possession of the property. That said, however, it would be difficult for me to ever advice anyone to purchase a home without getting ALL of the aforementioned inspections. In fact, if I were buying a home and knowing what I know about how homes perform, I’d get even more inspections than these.

Be that as it may, the swimming pool much like a roof or chimney is really it’s own entity and as a result, requires a specialist to evaluate. Sure anyone can look at the swimming pool and its condition and make comments. But only a specialist who’s actually built, repaired and serviced pools are capable to understanding the subtle nuances a pool can have, which may lead to trouble.

Certified Swimming Pool Inspector

Can I Use A Certified Swimming Pool Inspector Or home Inspector?

In a word, yes. As a home buyer there are no rules to who you can use for your inspections, thats California. There are no certifications in California to perform any inspections associated with a home. For this reason, just be careful. Make sure that the person who you choose to perform your Los Angeles swimming pool inspection is at the very least a contractor or even a swimming pool service and repairman.

Inspections For Pool Safety

Swimmng pool inspections & safety Los Angeles CaliforniaOur swimming pool inspections are safety centric. We inspect the pools systems such as the pool circulation system, filters, pumps, valves, piping, electrical system, barrier system. Our pool inspections will include a breakdown of costs associated with some of the most significant issues discovered. Mazza Swimming Pool Inspection company works exclusively for the home buyer and acts as a disinterested third party.

All inspectors must comment on the new SB 442 laws associated with all swimming pools. There are up to 7 or more safety components associated with a swimming pool that ALL inspection companies must comment and inspect, according to this law. Furthermore, to not inspect these items is a great liability to the buyer. Much like these safety components we also have items equally important such as lighting safety and bonding safety.

How Much Are Pool or Spa Inspections?

Pool & Spa


pool & Spa
  • Including Spa
  • Pool Body
  • All Equipment
  • Decking
  • SB442
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Leak Detection


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What’s Included In An Inspection?

  • Water features
  • Pumps
  • *Additional pumps
  • Detached spa
  • Negative edge pool
  • Pop up cleaning system
  • Heaters and more…

Swimming Pool Inspection Report and Repairs

mazza pool inspections los angelesAll things considered, the swimming pool inspection report is probably the most important component to the entire swimming pool inspection process. Ultimately, the swimming pool inspection report is where the issues will be played out systematically in accordance with their importance. Obviously a really good inspection report is essential in helping you to receive repairs or concessions for repairs. Contrast this to a really bad report which may not support any findings with specificity or substance.

Swimming Pool Repairs

Indeed, many people ask whether or not we do repairs on swimming pools which we inspect. The answer is no. We are strictly a third party inspection firm.  This is to say we feel having a neutral disinterested third part inspect the swimming pool, who does not perform repairs will thus, allow us to form unbiased opinions without the fear of trying to get work for ourselves.