Los Angeles Swimming Pool Inspections

Los Angeles Swimming Pool Inspections

Mazza inspection group performs swimming pool inspections. For homes which are in escrow and possess a swimming pool, a separate swimming pool inspection performed by a licensed contractor is necessary. Although a home inspector is capable of performing this inspection, it may not be as comprehensive as when performed by a professional.

​Who can perform Los Angeles Swimming pool Inspections?

As previously mentioned, a typical home inspector is capable of performing a swimming pool inspection. It is unlikely, however, that the typical home inspector is also a licensed swimming pool contractor. Many home inspectors are simply generalists and do not repair, install or troubleshoot swimming pool equipment.

How Much does a swimming pool in Los Angeles Cost?

Our swimming pool inspections start at $295. That said, depending on the swimming pools components the fee may go up. For example, if there are extra pumps, extra filters or extra heaters.

​What components are inspected with a typical swimming pool inspection?

The swimming pool inspection encompasses the entire pool system which is visible. Listed here are a few examples of the components inspected.

  1. Circulation system
  2. Valves
  3. Heater
  4. Sanitization
  5. Decking
  6. Tile
  7. Barriers
  8. Etc…

How many days do I have to perform my Los Angeles swimming pool inspections?

Typically, the buyer will have anywhere from 7 to 17 days to perform their inspections. During this time frame, the buyer will schedule the inspection, meet the inspector, perform the inspection, receive the report and meet with the agent to go over any issues.

​Will I receive an estimate for the items in need of repair?

​Yes.  Our Los Angeles swimming pool inspections come with an estimate which will contain items in need of immediate repair. the items on the estimate are typically the most import issues noted at the time of the inspection. The prices which are listed on the estimate are very competitive, however, one cannot guarantee that all contractors do the same work for the prices listed in our estimate.

Are you qualified?

A Mazza inspection is performed by a professional Licensed California swimming pool service and repair contractor. Many of the swimming pool inspections in Los Angeles are performed by your home inspector during his inspection of the home. This inspection although useful, may not be as thorough as it might be if you had Mazza swimming pool inspection company perform the inspection. As swimming pool repair contractors we are accustomed to identifying defects within the swimming pool components.