Swimming Pool Inspection Fees

When it comes to swimming pool inspection fees, they are all over the map. The reason, primarily due to the fact that the majority of swimming pool inspections are performed by general home inspectors during the course of their routine home evaluation. Fees associated with pool inspections typically hoover around the $300 range. That said, however, general home inspectors who perform these inspections also, may charge a nominal fee and thus, provide a limited evaluation.

Los Angeles is chock-full of inspectors of all experiences. For the most part, swimming pool inspections are considered a specialized evaluation and generally conducted by a specialist. Such as a contractor or pool service and repair man.

Swimming Pool Inspection Fees

Pool & Spa


pool & Spa
  • Including Spa
  • Pool Body
  • All Equipment
  • Decking
  • SB442
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Leak Detection


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  • Swimming pool & Spa
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Things which May Change the Fee?

Things which May Change the swimming pool inspection Fee

Our swimming pool inspection fee is based primarily on the time it takes to visit the site and our expertise in evaluating the subject. That said, however, there are things which may change or other wise older the fee. Some of those things may include;

  • Larger than typical (residential) swimming pool
  • Commercial pool
  • Equipment found on commercial pools
  • Multiple pools
  • Additional water features
  • Detached spa

Because our fees are primarily based around time, these items listed here simply require, well, more time to inspect. Not only will these items require more time with the inspection but then there is the report writing phase that you guessed it… requires more time.

Los Angeles Swimming Pool Repair Contractors

Los Angeles Swimming Pool Repair ContractorsMazza Pool Inspectors are licensed pool repair contractors as well as leak detection specialists. For one thing, when you hire a Mazza inspector you can rest assured that the individual you hire has the real-life experience needed to thoroughly evaluate your new purchase. Our clients safety is our number one concern.

For one thing, we’re not just home inspectors. As a matter of fact, as contractors we have experience in swimming pool repairs of all types which help aid our ability to properly diagnose issues while conducting our inspections.