Swimming Pool Inspection Report Los Angeles

Swimming pool inspection report

The Mazza swimming pool inspection is very thorough. A comprehensive written report should always follow a comprehensive inspection. No matter how thorough the inspection was or who conducted it. Our inspection report is a narrative computer generated report that contains details along with digital photography, not a checklist form. Mazza pool inspection company delivers our report in PDF format which easy to read and assimilate. We provide a summary list of issues which we believe are the most important. However, it’s important to always read the entire report carefully.

What makes a good pool Inspection report?

how much is a swimming pool inspectionAs a consumer it’s easy to be enticed by low fee, cheap inspection companies. Many of the companies who are not professional inspectors will only generate a templatized, checklist style pool report.  the basics of a good inspection report are simple. First of all, the basic elements of an inspection report should contain three main components. The five main components should be at least;

  1. The issue or condition
  2. Where the issue is located
  3. How to go about improving the issue
  4. A good inspection report will also contain photographs
  5. Cost analysis of significant conditions

Sample before you buy

Because inspection reports are virtually all over the map in style and content. I will always suggest the buyer request a sample report from the prospective inspector. This way the buyer can view the finished product before they commit to spending any money. There are many different types of inspection reports on the market. Most of which are simple checklist style reports which are awful.

A Professional Swimming Pool Inspector… not just “certified

Mazza swimming pool inspections is not just another home inspector performing swimming pool inspections to turn a quick buck. No. Mazza swimming pool inspection company places the client first. Above the deal, above trying to get more realtor referrals and mostly above the money. You can rest assured that when you hire us for a pool inspection, you are our only priority. Mazza swimming pool inspection company is a professional business. Our job is simple really… inspect each and every pool as if it was our moms home and investment.

Our inspection reports are followed by a list of issues an a range in the fees it will take to have such items repaired, replaced or otherwise improved. Make sure that the inspector you choose provides such a list. Otherwise, when it’s time to make repairs or ask for concessions, you will end up having to contract to another independent company for this.