Quallifications for Inspections of Pools

Qualifications for Inspections of Pools

There are ZERO requirements to be an Inspector in California!

In California, there is no mandatory license, certification or minimum qualifications for anyone to inspect a swimming pool in Los Angeles. Since no such necessary documentation for inspectors exists, how do you know whether or not you’re getting a professional inspection from an individual that knows what they are doing? Truth be told… you can’t.

The qualification for inspections of swimming pools should be a state California contractor’s license. This is real documentation backed up by genuine experience. A licensed contractor must “qualify” in order to sit for a test. All contractors must submit their experience to the state licensing board, along with testing and fingerprints to obtain their license. Most “home inspectors” will just take an online course or a day long class in order to be “certified” to inspect swimming pools. Fact is, certifications mean absolutely nothing.

los ángeles swimming pool leak detection

The Mazza Inspection Group Is Qualified

Even though licensing is not a requirement to perform swimming pool inspections, we are. In other words, we are licensed swimming pool repair contractors with years of experience in the swimming pool industry. Our experience includes construction, maintenance and equipment repair. Of course, we inspect;

  • Water chemistry
  • The pool body
  • Surface / deck materials
  • Equipment
  • Salt systems
  • Leak detection

In general, a swimming pool inspection should take no less than an hour. In same cases this is longer than some home inspections. It’s important to realize that a swimming pool inspection is much more than just looking at the pool and rubber stamping a check sheet. Despite what most people think about inspections, the pool inspection should encompass not only the pool body, equipment, it must also consist of safety components as well. As a matter of fact, safety should be the single most important system inspected in my opinion.

Swimming pool safety

As inspectors, in accordance with SB442, we’re obligated to inspect for access or the lack of, into the areas (yard) where a swimming pool is installed. To take it a step further, the law requires that every home possess no less than 2 of the 7 safety features. Of course many home inspectors aren’t even aware of this law. Swimming pool accessibility ins’t the only safety component we as inspectors are concerned about. As a matter of fact, there is equipotential bonding, pool light GROUND FAULT circuit interrupters, lighting and potentially unsafe wring. All of which has the ability to cause real harm to anyone within or even around a swimming pool.

Swimming pool Inspection Report

swimming pool inspection reports

Of course after an inspection you’ll need an inspection report. It’s important to realize that an inspection report isn’t complete without a cost breakdown. That is, a break down of the costs to repair of the most significant issues discovered during the pool inspection. For example, if the pool pump was found to be defective. Our cost breakdown would list the cost to repair or replace that component. For the most part, these cost analysis reports are helpful. In particular when making your requests for repair list or asking for concessions.