Swimming Pool Barrier Safety

Have You Considered Swimming Pool Barrier Safety?

Included in a pool / spa inspection performed by the Mazza Inspection Group is checking for proper barrier safety. When most people think of pool barrier safety, they think of direct barriers that surround the pool. Not everyone is in need of those types of fences if they don’t have small children living in the home, however, other precautions should be taken to keep unwanted guests from getting into the pool. There are various types of walls, fences and gates or barriers that surround a pool that have the potential for entry or access if not properly maintained. Usually these barrier heights and specifications are dictated by the current code enforced by that particular jurisdiction. These regulations for pool barrier safety are put in place to prevent unwanted guests or children from entering a yard and getting into the pool or spa.

Fence / Wall Height is an Important Factor in Pool Barrier Safety

The height of the fence or wall is one of the most important factors in pool barrier safety.  There are certain heights mandated by city or county jurisdictions that are required. The main factor in keeping to this code  is to keep out children or others that may get into the yard and possibly drown in the pool or spa. Pool barrier safety with walls and fences also includes climbable fences such as chain link or if there is a retaining wall or foothold that could possibly allow for the wall or fence to be easily climbed or scaled. Of course any openings or damage to the fencing is also an entry point that does not allow for proper pool barrier safety. The Mazza Inspection Group inspectors will make you aware of any deficiencies found in regard to current code with pool barrier safety.

Gates, Doors and Pool Barrier Safety

Gates must also maintain a certain height per current building code and maintain a self-closing mechanism so that the gate closes and latches automatically. This way there is never a possibility of the gate being left open. This type of pool barrier safety can prevent small children from wandering into a yard with an open gate. Doors leading from the interior of the home directly to the pool or spa should also be equipped with an alarm that sounds if the door is opened. The Mazza Inspection Group follows a strict inspection guideline for these types of pool barrier safety deficiencies.