Swimming Pool Inspections In Los Angeles

swimming pool inspections in Los Angeles

If you’re in an escrow, buying a home with a swimming pool you may need an additional, alternative specialized swimming pool inspection. While most home inspectors provide this service within their home inspection scope, they may not be specialists. As a result, their inspection may be limited or just a simple cursory evaluation. For this reason, you may wish to have a professional swimming pool inspection company such as Mazza pool inspections inspect your swimming pool. Swimming pool safety is our primary concern, followed by the condition of the pool and its associated components.

What Is a Swimming Pool Inspection?

Aswimming pool inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of the swimming pool body as well as its associated components and safety features. Most thorough swimming pool inspections should observe more than just whether or not the pool is working. Our job is to evaluate the condition of all components within the pool system currently, how effectively they are functioning and whether or not there are any potential costs associated with current or future repairs or improvements. These individual components include, but not limited to the following;

  • The circulating system
  • Filtration system
  • Pool body (that’s visual)
  • Sanitization system
  • Interior finish
  • Electrical components
  • Barrier safety system
  • SB 442 law

Not only does the swimming pool inspection encompass many components that the “typical” home inspection does not, it also provides estimated costs of repair for many of the issues discovered. Cost estimates are essential when you are attempting to negotiate repairs or concessions for repairs by an outside source. Finally, the inspection encompasses the new SB 442 law, which requires the inspector to evaluate the property for “safeness” and determine whether the property possess at least 2 of the 7 necessary required safety features.

What All Buyers Should Expect from Swimming Pool Inspections

Things All Buyers Should Expect from Your Swimming Pool Inspection

All home buyers want to know the condition of the system in which they plan to purchase. Similarly, swimming pool systems are not different; as home buyer, you expect to know or at least have a good idea to what extent your pool will require service or repairs. A swimming pool inspection from MAZZA provides this information. We are the last line of defense for some buyers. What we find in the way of safety for example, can really save lives.
At present, the state of California does not require anyone performing any inspections home, pool or otherwise to be certified or licensedMAZZA

Swimming pool inspections when performed correctly, will provide a home buyer with much needed information to request repairs to be performed for concessions for future repairs. Here’s a few questions most home buyers have when searching for an inspector to inspect their pool home. That said, if you have more questions feel free to connect with us and we’ll get you dialed in.

Swimming Pool Inspection FAQs

Who can Provide swimming pool inspections in Los Angeles

Who Can Provide Swimming Pool Inspections In Los Angeles?

At the present time, anyone can provide  swimming pool inspections in Los Angeles. Notwithstanding the fact that pool inspectors are NOT required to be certified or contractors, most are in fact, not. At present, the state of California does not require anyone performing any inspections to be certified or licensed.

With that in mind, however, home buyers must make a choice as to who it is that will be inspecting this system. Will it be the home inspector who may or may not have gone through some surface level training on line or in a class room? Or will it be a genuine pool repair contractor such as Mazza pool inspections?

For this reason, we feel it prudent for home buyers to seek out a professional with a genuine license as opposed to a certification.

How Long Do Swimming Pool Inspections In Los Angeles Take?

Swimming pool inspections in Los Angeles will typically take a general home inspector about 20 minutes on average to complete. A professional pool inspector or repair man, who has actually performed repairs on swimming pools may take much longer. Individuals with experience in repairs will most likely about an hour to two hours depending on the swimming pool. Leak detection on the other hand, can take well over an hour in some cases.

Contrary to what many people believe, the inspection which a typical home inspector will provide is cursory at best. Mazza swimming pool inspection in Los Angeles understands that swimming pools are large and complex systems.  Nevertheless, a swimming pool inspection must be thorough. The safety of all who swim in the pool as well as anyone who may be able to access the pool site is at stake.

Do You Provide a Written Inspection Report Afterwards?

swimming pool inspection report PDFMazza pool inspections provides a PDF, narrative style written report after the inspection. We try not to fill our reports with words which are hard to assimilate or otherwise difficult jargon. As a result, our reports are thorough and easy to read. Moreover, the reports we provide care complete with a summary, cost analysis and images of various issues. The cost break-down of repairs is usually of significant issues only however, (perimeter safety issues included).

Swimming Pool Repairs

Although capable, we choose not to perform repairs on any swimming pool inspections we perform. Reason being… we don’t want the illusion that we’re fishing for repairs by performing these inspections and calling out a multitude of issues only to get the repairs. For us, the inspection is all that we specialize in, and that’s it.

How Much Are Your Swimming Pool Inspections

Surprisingly, our fees haven’t changed in about 5 years. Our swimming pool fee starts at $295 and goes up from there depending on the size and / or complexity of the swimming pool. While many pools are simple, there are those which require much more time to inspect. Things like additional pumps, filters and water features for example will add cost to the inspection fee. In addition to the traditional swimming pool inspections we also perform leak detection. That fee hoovers around $495 and can goes up from there.

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