swimming pool safety

swimming pool safety

Swimming Pool Safety

The Mazza Inspection Group Makes Swimming Pool Safety a Priority in a Pool / Spa Inspection

When most people think of getting their pool / spa inspected, they are expecting a detailed report defining the conditions and deficiencies noted in the pool body and the operation of the equipment. Inspectors of the Mazza Inspection Group are specially trained to identify safety deficiencies within the pool system and it’s surrounding areas. There are aspects that should be looked at closely to ensure that the pool / spa on the residential or commercial property provide a safe environment that will limit accidental drowning caused by a lack of safety precautions mandated by local jurisdiction codes.

Residential and Commercial Swimming Pool / Spa Inspections Should Include Swimming Pool Safety Deficiencies

Swimming Pool Safety – Barriers and Alarms

What types of swimming pool safety deficiencies should be noted when a pool / spa is inspected? There are a variety of barrier issues that should be checked during an inspection. This means that alarms should be installed and gates / fences should be properly equipped to keep small children from being able to access the facility without an adult or appropriate care giver. There are specific guidelines provided by the local building authority that pool owners must adhere to as a means of maintaining swimming pool safety. The Mazza Inspection Group will note any deficiencies within the barrier system.

Swimming Pool Safety – Electrical

Electricity and water provide a dangerous environment if not structured appropriately. There are many electrical components that must be checked as part of a pool / spa inspection. Electrical swimming pool safety includes, timers, electrical outlets or junction boxes, lights within the pool and on the exterior, overhead conductors and other various components in the vicinity of the pool / spa area.

Swimming Pool Safety – Bonding

Bonding is a swimming pool safety issue that most people are not familiar with. Bonding connects all metal components together. All metal and metal equipment within 5 feet of the pool surface must be bonded to the steel rebar in the pool shell.